A trans Agency | Anne Metzen

Anne Metzen
* 1968  
1989 - 1995 Studies Visual Art and Design, Diploma
1996 – 2007

Free-lance working as a stage designer at several theatres and German and international film industries, as well as events and photoshootings, architectural competitions, interior design and fares

2011 Exhibition, Dialoge / Container, Potsdam
2011 Exhibition, Thealit: Frauen. Kultur. Labor, Bremen
2010 Exhibition, Bienale Sinop Turkey
2009 Art Fair, Preview Berlin
2009 A trans Pavilion, Berlin
2007 Künstlerhaus Glogauer Strasse, Berlin
2005 GdK Galerie der Künste, Berlin
2000 Starting with the archiv of Standard Euro
1997 Starting with the idea of Standard Euro