A trans is a conceptual laboratory for creative people and a platform for communication about contemporary art, architecture, urbanism and related culture with the focus on the city, space and architecture. With determination in the search for allies and like minded individuals, architect and curator Isolde Nagel designes a program for those who value artistic architectonic visions and attentiveness to social questions. Under one year s urban-oriented motto, international collaborators are invited to conceptualize and realize projects that reach beyond individual disciplinary boundaries. A trans promotes participatory projects in public spaces and fosters the dialogue between individuals and groups who are preoccupied with issues related to art and architecture, as well as collaborations with institutions, universities, embassies, publishers an sponsors that pursue similar objectives.
The installations and interventions go along with the investigation of cultural paradigms, contemporary lifestyles, and new experimental tendencies that impact urban practices and identities. The process is accompanied by Happy Talks, performances, happenings, music and book releases, discurses and Happy Walks.
From 2006 — 2011, the A trans Pavilion located in the Hackesche Hoefe, Berlin-Mitte was the point of departure and stable reference for all exhibition concepts which were also well-regarded from outside Berlin. A trans exhibition series at A trans Pavilion Hackesche Hoefe Berlin was sucessfully brought to an end in 2011. Over 30 exhibitions by international contributors were realized in the following series: 2006 A transparenc(it)y, 2007 A synchroni-city, 2008 An intima(cit)y, 2009 A simpli-city, 2010 A holi-city, 2011 A serendipi(ci)ty.

From 2012 on, A trans was on the move and popped up as A trans On Tour at many places and in different formats, also internationally. The series were A Maker City (2012), A Big Bang City (2013). With the series A Random City (2014) and A Recipro-city (2015) and A Private City (2016) A TRANS has been running a project space in Berlin-Moabit from 2014-2016. Nowadays  A TRANS is again running a nomadic platform within the series A Neo City (2017) and A RAdical City (2018)

In 2016 A TRANS received the ‚Award Berlin Project Spaces and -initiatives‘ by the Berlin Senate Chancellary-Cultural Affairs.


Program 2018 A Radical City

The collaborateurs in 2018 A Radical City series will be: Birgit Kjærsgaard (DK), Concha Argüeso (Berlin | ES), Living Room Project Berlin V with Marian Wjnvoord (Berlin | NL),  Tomoyuki Ueno (Berlin | JP) und Mareike Lee (Berlin | CAN), Yona Friedman (Paris | FR), Alexandra Spiegel (Berlin)