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A TRANS feat. Vagaram Choudhary (IN)
In between (Installation)

Opening                Saturday, 12. 07. 2014 at 4 PM

Welcome                                            Vagaram Choudhary + Isolde Nagel

Exhibition Dates   12. – 19. 07. 2014

Opening Hours      Thurs–Fri 2 – 7 PM
                            Sat 11 AM – 4 PM

Address                Zweigstelle Berlin
                            Lehrter Str. 37
                            DE-10557 Berlin

Artist Vagaram Choudhary coming from Jodhpur (Rajasthan) presents a snapshot of his three-monthly residency in Berlin. His works for the installation is based directly on the perception of found material and striking icons.

„My process of work always engaged with the conditions of possibility that lead up to an idea of visual, it may convert as a drawing, painting or sculpture or video. They are as a result of various contemporary incidences occurring any geographical locations and situations as searching for sublime meaning in the insignificance of a life lived anywhere. As I am thinking the possibility of new visual ideas here I use a utopian potential to explore the world from the subjective and objective forces of a place to articulate complex social and geopolitical. We all are left in ourselves with many things unexpressed. I am working with everyday visuals I used to express inexplicit feelings or unspoken words. My works are journey of symbolic, through visual symbol, sometimes presenting my inner self and sometimes mirroring the image of the daily life. I am prepared to deconstruct and relinquish some previously-held and no longer relevant preconceptions about myself daily life and social priorities and future trajectories. I am trying to locate myself and my perspective within and between all of it; how a person keeps the spirit of life in between human methods of overcoming trauma and the developing processes of the material world. ”

(Vagaram Choudhary, 2014)