The ninth annual program A Recipro-City deals with the theme of reciprocity. Recprocity is a fundamental principle of human activity, and so implicit in life to investigate the space which environs us. The protagonist are professionals in that field of artistic engagement and investigatation in new formats of exchange and dealing through approach, differentation, inclusion and specific influence.

The collaborateurs in 2015 A Recipro- City series will be: SWA-Group (DE), Maple Swank (GUY/CAN), Living Room Project Berlin III with Marian Wjnvoord (Berlin | NL), Tomoyuki Ueno (Berlin | JP), Platforms project @ Art Athina 2015 with Marian Wjnvoord (Berlin | NL, Ellinor Euler (Berlin), Projekt Space Festival Berlin, EX-MEKH (NL), Platforms Art Suomi with Ekkehart Keintzel (Berlin | AT)