A TRANS feat. BIRGIT KJÆRSGAARD| Verdensrum, Japan: Ryōkai Resist

{ 3 D-installation with sound and Japanese butoh }


16. 1. – 10. 2. 2018




Karl-Marx-Allee 98, 10243 Berlin

+49 (30) 788 974 31   | U 5 Weberwiese



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Performance Flyer

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Saturday, January 13, 2018    19:00


Birgitte Tovborg Jensen, Cultural Attaché Royal Danish Embassy, Berlin

Kiminori Iwama
, Minister Embassy of Japan, Berlin

Isolde Nagel, A TRANS

Birgit Kjærsgaard

Opening Performance    Kinya Tsuruyama (Butoh)



Tue – Fri  14:00 – 19:00 and Sat  12:00 – 18:00


Finissage + Happy Talk   

Saturday, February 10, 2018    16:00 – 18:00

Finissage Performance    Andy Ninvalle


Link VERDENSRUM by Birgit Kjærsgaard



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For many years, the Danish architect Birgit Kjærsgaard has investigated the reception of the symbolic systems and metaphors of Asian cultures.

Verdensrum, Japan:_Ryōkai Resist is a unique 3D installation based on a Japanese meditation ritual and the Japanese idea that spirits are alive in nature. It unites Asian spiritual teachings and philosophy with expressive (Butoh dance) performance, film, sound, and contemporary 3D-technology.

Every culture has its own sense of time, which is related to myth and history as well as to daily experience and existence as such. This installation calls for a decelerated mode of reception. Interpreted here artistically is an Eastern tradition and philosophy that focuses on thought processes. In the case of Butoh dance, thought and movement are positioned on the same plane, spirit and body come together in harmony. United here in a contemporary staged context are an ancient Japanese meditation ritual (kept alive by the monks of Kōyasan Mountains, located south of the megacity Osaka) and the power of Butoh dance.

As an explorer of consciousness, the beholder becomes a participant in a journey through landscape, mind, and space.


!! Programm

Performances every Saturday 4 – 6 pm during exhibition with

Kinya Tsuruyama (20.01.2018)


Momo Sanno (27.01.2018)

Video by Uwe J. Haack



Brigitte Westkemper (03.02.2018)

Video by Uwe J. Haack



Andy Ninvalle (10.02.2018)



Jørgen Teller + Shinichi Watanabe (composer)

Willie Flindt (dramatic consultant)

Ernst Kallesøe (technical consultant)


Supported by

The Royal Danish Embassy Berlin, City of Aarhus, Danish Art Foundation, EU Japan Fest,

CAVI, Thinkbox, FUME FX3, Architektur Galerie Berlin Satellit


Additional information is available from Isolde Nagel +49 (0)173 202 52 20


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