A trans feat. Ellen Rodenberg & EX-MÊKH | FeMaler


11.09.2020 – 18.10.2020  |   Open Hours permanently



Vitrine at U- Bahnhof Kleistpark (U7), 10783 Berlin



Opening with performance, Friday, September 11, 2020   7 pm

Please notice, we kindly ask you to accept the recent COVID-19-regulations and to wear
a mouth and nose protection.


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This year’s theme, A Femmes City, deals with the feminine view of various aspects of the city. How does urban space appear from a women’s perspective, what potential is overlooked, and what development possibilities are held in public space? Who does the city belong to?

“ A Femmes City. I interpret the invitation of A trans as a challenge. When do we talk of a female gaze and of a female approach? What does it look like? I decided to engage the men of the EX-MÊKH-collective in this project in order to be able to hold the development of my work against the light of a male/female concept. Two shop windows next to each other, organized with work based on the male/female concept. I had discussions with Maarten Schepers and Kees Koomen about the difference in strategies, upbringing, social behavior and networking. When do we talk about expressing oneself with personal character and where do we observe the influence of gender?

To try and make this visible I decided to install one shop window myself, as a woman. I asked the two men to install the second shop window with their work: one female, two men, two painters, one sculptor! The title FeMaler is an apt translation of this mix.

For my personal presentation I developed a procedure of applying paint with big strokes on white cardboard resulting in color forms. It is a method with which I leak diluted acrylic paint through cotton sheets. After it dries the sheets are removed and whimsical shapes appear. The results have a watercolor-like character. I think of gardens for the imagination. I think of all the possible associations one single form can already evoke, I think of the mental space being created by this approach. Imagine the memories in the future. Imagine the questions in the future. Imagine the possibilities of the female approach in the future.
The cardboard pieces will be installed in a precise manner but the result will look casual. The display in the shop-window must tempt for timelessness and thus create space, the incomprehensibilities will be helpful with this. What is it you see? A curious garden full of life? Or are you „Lost in Paradise”?

The second shop window will be of a totally different nature. Maarten Schepers and Kees Koomen have been discussing the installation to be shown. Maarten Schepers has created an over-all design which we can associate with phenomena like show-box, diorama or bijou-box. Kees Koomen will add to this with work based on the muses and the story of Actaeon.

On September 11th opening rituals and a performance will take place both inside and in front of the show windows.”

(Ellen Rodenberg)


EX-MÊKH, consisting of Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen und Maarten Schepers, came together as a collective to examine the nature and process of making exhibitions. Since 2007 EX-MÊKH have done exhibitions in many kinds of spaces, ranging from the tiny and intimate to huge halls. The context of the work and its presentation must always be newly developed and redefined.



(German summary)

Das Jahresthema A Femmes City soll den weiblichen Blick auf die Aspekte von Stadt thematisieren. Welche Potentiale sind vernachlässigt, welche Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten birgt der öffentliche Raum? Wem gehört die Stadt?

EX-MÊKH, ein Künstlerkollektiv bestehend aus Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen und Maarten Schepers, reflektiert über die Natur und den Prozess des Ausstellungsmachens. Seit Beginn 2007 haben EX-MÊKH Ausstellungen in einer Vielzahl von Räumen geschaffen, von intimen Räumen bis zu riesigen Hallen. Der Kontext der Arbeiten und ihre Präsentation mußte jedes Mal neu definiert werden.