A TRANS feat. Living Room Project Berlin 2015 by Marian Wijnvoord


Book release & Presentation
Tuesday October 13th 2015, 19h

Projektraum of Acud Macht Neu, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, U8 Rosenthaler Platz

With Tom Maasen, Cultural Attaché Royal Dutch Embassy Berlin | Marian Wijnvoord, Artist | Isolde Nagel, curator A TRANS, Berlin

The set-up of the Living Room Project 2015 remained the same as the previous year: participants come to the studio of Wijnvoord, choose a painting, and take it home for three months. One photograph is taken when the work is chosen; and a second just before it is collected and returns from its temporary home. Images and texts are gathered in the book: Living Room Project Berlin 2015,
Alongside the book launch, a small presentation will be on view around the different views on one painting. As this project challenges our art-historical frameworks, it foregrounds another, little-remarked way of looking at painting.

Artist Project

March – September 2015

Location Berlin

Co-creative production with Dutch artist Marian Wijnvoord, living and working in Berlin.

Starting point of Dutch artist Marian Wijnvoord for the Living Room Project Berlin 2015 is the wish to see her paintings in a private environment. How does a painting function next to the cornflakes and the ashtray? What is it like, to live with a work over a period of time?

Participants come to Wijnvoord‘s studio to choose a work, took it to their homes and found a place for it. After three months Wijnvoord take photographs of the painting in its new enviroment. These photographs result in a publication that shows the elements that were at the base of this project: the intimacy of a private home and its atmosphere as the setting for the painting. Privacy meets public meets privacy!

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