A trans feat. Sebastian Menzke | Sphere


6.9. — 27.10.2019   |   Open Hours permanently



Vitrine at U- Bahnhof Kleistpark, 10834 Berlin





Sebastian Menzke was born in 1979 in Neubrandenburg, he was first trained as a glazier and then went on to receive a design degree at the Hochschule Wismar. His work is at times figurative, sometimes abstract. Menzke‘s works tell of people and myths, mixing modern elements from the media with the icons of art history. Fragments are created that are inserted into always nearly perfect compositions. Usually the artist chooses motifs because he himself is interested in them, other times taking on a sharply critical narrative style. Light itself is the focus: its possibilities, its power, and its magic.


A series of epoxy resin artworks are shown in this exhibition, created by using different techniques from past centuries. Menzke manages here to bind his traditional inclinations with contemporary concepts of art. Layered egg tempera paintings from long ago have a particularly large influence on the exhibited works.

The aesthetic and fascination of egg tempera paintings is brought into a contemporary setting in the exhibition space. Image layers lie graphically and objectively on top of one another. Each layer throws a shadow on the one below it and comes together as a complete three-dimensional image. The addition of individual layers plays an important role here. The characteristics of collage, which are very important to the artist, are implemented and preserved with epoxy resin used as a medium for the individual layers within the image.

Resin is a very modern material and is Menzke’s egg-white of the contemporary ideal – he uses it to let his layers float and through this new technique creates an image. Even if it may appear so at first glance, the individual layers are not made from cast scraps of paper. The individual shreds of pictures are laid onto the resin layers through special methods involving chemistry.

A traditional way of working is brought into a completely new context, with new materials as a medium to apply the process and thus bring it into the contemporary moment.

In this way Sebastian Menzke creates images that allow one to think about light with a fascinating new approach. The rays shine through different colored layers down to the ground of the artwork and then light it up from within.

(Regina Hoppe, 2019)



Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 7 PM



Isolde Nagel, A TRANS

The artist is present.

Introduction: Regina Hoppe, Wismar


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