B-LA CONNECT: A TRANS & Somewhere in LA (SILA)


with Ellinor Euler, Mareike Yin-Yee Lee, Noel Madrid, Anne Metzen, Yon Natalie Mik, Katie Shanks and Stephanie Sherwood



9.7. — 22.7.2022



Location: LA Arts District-Industrial Warehouse Space

2260 E 15th Street Los Angeles CA


Fri-Sun 1-6 pm and by appointment



Saturday, July 9, 2022  3- 7 PM


Solo-Performance by Yon Natalie Mik: Squatting Concert (Study 6)

July 16th, 2022. 6-9 pm 

(during the opening of Studio Baustelle, COPYRIGHT berlin, Aceptable Risk LA & CACtTUS)

at Torrance Art Museum, 3320 Civic Center Dr, Torrance, CA 90503


A skilled practice of observing, perceiving as well as a sensitized awareness and flexibility are intrinsic motives of art making. Working in various disciplines, the artists approach these qualities differently, yet a common intersection can be identified: spatial drawing—compressed and archived in boxes, layered in space and light, additively as a composition or through a physical drawing in the form of a dance performance. Their practices present ideas of transformation and transition, interwoven relationships, criss-crossings of cultures, communities and societies.

The artists work site-specifically. Through artistic models and strategies, they explore the potential of new connecting points by imagining beyond borders and creating spaces of ambiguity. What they find and experience, what they learn and build from, calls for us to think and live together through and within contradictions.

Artists: Ellinor Euler, Mareike Yin-Yee Lee, Noel Madrid, Anne Metzen, Yon Natalie Mik, Katie Shanks, and Stephanie Sherwood


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For further information about A TRANS artists:

Ellinor Euler translates her structural drawings into spatial drawings as wall, floor and spatial objects made of wire. For Relational Grounds her objects will start their own game with the other positions in space.

Mareike Yin-Yee Lee’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on exploring the space in-between, inspired by her interest in how we interrelate with each other and our surroundings, the energies we emit and withhold, and subtle shifts in perception.

In her archival work Standard Euro, Anne Metzen collects observations of everyday events through the lens of their recurrence and the assumed normalization of perceiving them. For B_LA she will examine the phenomena of event clouds within the context of her built system.

Yon Natalie Mik’s practice researches themes of historiography, archival absence, technological futures and ritual through the lens of the dancing body. For Relational Grounds, she presents a new work (Study #6) as part of her project titled Studies on Squats (2019-ongoing).


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