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A TRANS Campus feat. Aachen University of Applied Sciences |  Department of Architecture  |  Module On Design  |  Prof. Thomas Tünnemann

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23. 2. – 9. 3. 2018   |   Open Fri + Sat 4 – 7 PM and by appointment



c/o  KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN  Schlegelstrasse 6, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

U, Tram Naturkundemuseum  / S, Tram Nordbahnhof


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A trans will deal with the theme A Minimal City in 2019 and opens up a zone to think about what could be the lowest common (i.e. – minimal) denominator to the topic of urbanity and cities from an artistic and architectural point of view.

What makes a city become a city? What is the difference between it and the periphery, landscape, or nature? Where do they separate and where do they melt together? Are the differences noticeable, existential, or only minimal?

Sulla Strada (ital.) by means …on the way… along the way…every year students of the architecture department at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen travel to the small Italian village of Formine – which lies directly on the Lago Maggiore. This year’s workshop will be led by professor Thomas Tünnemann and will concentrate on a sequence of buildings, spaces, landscapes, or impressions in series of illustrated broadsheets. All techniques are welcome and will form the basis architectural and landscape drawings. The end result is an individual examination, inspiration, and source to transfer the image into a small sculpture made of found materials and possibly simple things that they have brought with them.

The exhibition is accompagnied by a catalogue.



Saturday, 23. 2. 2019   16:00



Isolde Nagel, A TRANS

Prof. Thomas Tünnemann (Introduction)


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