A Neo City

The annual theme A Neo City is designed to open up on the idea of the NEW and the visionary aspects of a city.

What is the NEW and how do we experience something as new?

We do also reflect about the term of Neo as the not new, paradoxically. Neo combined to anything could mean recurrency and repetition.

In this series of exhibitions, invited protagonists will interrogate, fathom, and redefine the antagonism of the NEW / Neo.



raumohneraum (spacewithoutspace)

Project Initiatives CargoCult, ZONA DYNAMIC,  and 10 short films and videos on the subject of ‚City-Space‘ – presented by the Network of Independent Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives e.V. at c/o KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN within the framework of the Berlin Art Week 2017.


Mind the Space_raumohneraum: zona dynamic with VOYEURS & OWOP

Artists: Voyeurs Performers: Ameer Masoud, Eden Mitsenmacher, Jasmin Schaitl

OWOP: Antoine Fichaux, Guillaume Henry, Lucas Biberson & Tristan Calvignac, Eleni Tongidou & S.Camagni, Fiona Valentine Thomann, Rebecca Salvadori & Yotaro Niwa, Giorgos Gerontides & Dimitris Ameladiotis

VOYEURS retrospective got realized in collaboration between ZONA DYNAMIC (Eliza Goldox & Gabriela Covblic) and Vincent Chomaz


Mind the Space_raumohneraum: CARGOCULT with BOT and SLEEPING BEAUTY ENCYCLOPEDIA III/∞

Special guests: Ofrin, Alex Stolze, Kevin Power (DLP), Emma Waltraud Howes, Julia Rosa Stöckel and Abelina Glanz (as a curator), Ghazala Wadood, Sina Sokretski, @userjasmine


Mind the Space_10 short art films and videos on the subject of ’City-Space’

with works by Betty Böhm, Alexander Callsen, Laure Catugier, Stephan Groß, Heike Hamann, Marco Pando, Johanna Pigors & Amaya Lainez, Nikolaus Schrot, Stefanie Seidl and Gabriele Stellbaum


Organized by Isolde Nagel with the Network team


Exhibition: 15.09.2017 — 01.10.2017



c/o KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN  Schlegelstrasse 6, 10115 Berlin-Mitte




Opening: Thursday, 14.09. 2017  19:00 – 23:00

Live Performances and Music


Finissage + Netzwerk Get-Together: Sunday, 01.10.2017, 16:00 — 19:00

Live Performances, Info & Talk



15.09.2017 — 01.10.2017   13:00 — 19:00  and by appointment


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For further press information please contact:

Susann Kramer, presse@projektraeume-berlin.net

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European Heritage Days (Tag des offenen Denkmals)

Sunday, 10. 09 2017  11:00 – 19:00


Haubarg Fleudenberg,  Hof Fleudenberg 1, 25832 Tönning                 

Guided Tours: 14:00 and 16:00 with Fabian Burns

(Text in German)

Seestücke mit weiten Himmeln und wildem Meer begleiten das Schaffen der Niederländerin Marian Wijnvoord seit ihrer Jugend in Zeeland.

Im Denkmal Haubarg Fleudenberg wird eine kleine und feine Auswahl Ihrer aktuellen Arbeiten präsentiert.

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Tag des offenen Denkmals

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