Dare to be naive (R.Buckminster Fuller, 1960)


This year’s theme, A Femmes City, will deal with the feminine view of various aspects of the city. How does urban space appear from a women’s perspective, what potential is overlooked, and what development possibilities are held in public space?

Who does the city belong to?

The character of a public space is never definite, it is malleable. The curious and naive view of the lifelong researcher as well as the female perspective imposed upon all women is up for debate. Out of this new strategies and concepts could be developed for the overall reclaiming of public space, by said public, with either spontaneous or long-term involvement.

This exhibition series will investigate artistic processes and performative guidelines made with female hands in public spaces. One or two glass cases in the Kleistpark subway station will be used. Guests, both male and female, are welcome by the participating women.

A trans welcome: Frau Wagner (Berlin), Ramona Taterra (Berlin), Franziska Harnisch & Dan Allen (Berlin), Ellen Rodenberg (The Hague, Netherlands), Femmes Bauhaus (Video), Birgit Kjærsgaard (Aarhus, Denmark).

Further project partners are:
A trans Campus /Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Germany), B_LA CONNECT 2020 (Exchange project), Pioniernutzung Haus der Statistik Berlin, EMOP Berlin 2020.


The new A trans space at U-Kleistpark, Schöneberg  is a simple glass cabinet in a normal Berlin subway station. The protagonists are invited to present, quite literally, “stopping points” for passersby, passing trains, and visitors to the station to reflect upon.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa




Exhibition (Pioniernutzung Haus der Statistik)

8.12. — 31.12.2019   |   Open Hours permanently

In this exhibition EX-MÊKH will show their inspiration and working method, the themes that have always been important to the collective. The preceding acts together with the collective of KRAATZ during the performance weekend will be used as fertilizer for the process that will eventually result in an exhibition about the creating of an exhibition.



Haus der Statistik, Haus D (Entrance Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72) in 10187 Berlin


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